Draft Goals and Objectives Feedback

Affordable Housing Presentation

In the 2018 fall quarter, Public Scholarship and Engagement (PSE), the Center for Regional Change (CRC), and the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Human Health Services organized seven sharing sessions that included topical focus groups and survey data collection to solicit feedback on draft goals and objectives that emerged from the previous round of interviews, focus groups, and surveys conducted in Spring 2018. In addition, email surveys were distributed to every faculty member, student and staff leader, and community member who had been invited to the sharing sessions, but could not attend.

Between focus group participants and online responses, 162 surveys were collected. 52% (n=85) were from faculty; 34% (55) were from staff and student leaders; and 14% (n=22) were from community members. Data from all three stakeholder groups was aggregated and weighted to reflect the ranked order of objectives. Goal and objectives identified as priorities are outlined below.

  • Goal 1. Reward and recognize public scholarship in research, teaching, and creative practice.
  • Objective 1.1 Increases awareness, understanding, and acceptance of public scholarship and engagement among the university community and general public

    Objective 1.2 Provide incentives to faculty for incorporating public engagement into research and teaching

    Objective 1.3 Integrate public scholarship within UC Davis’ colleges, schools, and other academic units to support activities and increases outputs

    Objective 1.4 Introduce ways to recognize public scholarship in university policies, program reviews, and faculty recruitment, merit, advancement and promotion reviews

  • Goal 2. Develop and improve community-based learning experiences
  • Objective 2.1 Promote and support coordinated university-wide engaged learning experiences

    Objective 2.2 Provide tools and resources to support student learning in community settings at our university, in our region, and throughout the world

    Objective 2.3 Increase opportunities for students to participate in community engagement domestically and internationally through research, coursework, internships, and independent studies

    Objective 2.4 Promote student learning that incorporates collaborative leadership, creative problem-solving activities, and intercultural engagement

  • Goal 3. Increase mutually beneficial community engagement and public impact
  • Objective 3.1 Enhance communication channels to increase public access to university expertise, resources, and data

    Objective 3.2 Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in public scholarship, community engagement, and in recruiting and retaining engaged scholars

    Objective 3.3 Facilitate the creation of new and support for existing community-university partnerships, and statewide, regional, and global multi-sector consortiums that will address community-based and policy-relevant issues

    Objective 3.4 Enhance visibility and presence to facilitate engagement between the larger Sacramento region and the university’s Davis and Sacramento campuses utilizing research, technical assistance, and community-based learning experiences