Conferences and Symposia

Feminist Futures Research Symposium

The Feminist Research Institute invites you to the #FeministFutures Research Symposium, where scholars from across the disciplines meet to envision a more just world, and move us in that direction.

Migration Research Center Faculty Symposium

Brief presentations of 15-20 minutes will reflect the multi-disciplinary and policy-oriented nature of the group and will be accessible to scholars of immigration across fields. They will touch economic, social, legal, and political themes linked to migration as well as historical and human-cultural ways of looking at this phenomenon.

Dialogues and Discourse

Science and the Social License

The world’s population is expanding, food demands are rising, and climate risks are becoming more disruptive.

All-In Conference

Co-Creating Knowledge for Justice

There is an exciting resurgence in critical public scholarship: a push for universities to reach beyond their academic audiences and build stronger community-university partnerships to jointly tackle pressing social issues.