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Rural rotations

Local doctors aim to train, retain new colleagues

By Evan Tuchinsky for the Chico News and Review

"As too many local residents know, the North State has a doctor shortage. Those who need a primary care physician often wind up on a waitlist, regardless of insurance plan. Specialty care—notably for mental health and arthritis, but also myriad other conditions—is heavily impacted as well.

The Camp Fire made a tough situation tougher with the closure of Adventist Health Feather River Hospital and departure of around 50 practitioners (see “Medical migration,” cover story, March 14, 2019).

We’re not alone: According to the Healthforce Center at UC San Francisco, a gap between supply and demand exists statewide and will continue to grow into the next decade. The number of primary care physicians could decrease by as much as 25 percent because not enough new doctors complete primary care residencies to replace those retiring."

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