UC Davis Shines in ‘Public Good’ Rankings

girl looking at a row of lightbulbs
New rankings highlight UC Davis’ research and public service, as well as students’ social mobility. Here, design major Jessie Garbutt tests LED bulbs at the university’s California Lighting and Technology Center.

No. 2 ‘Affordable Elite College,’ Says Washington Monthly

By UC Davis News and Media Relations on August 28, 2019 

"The University of California, Davis, ranks second among 'Affordable Elite Colleges' in Washington Monthly’s annual assessment of U.S. schools based on what they do for the public good.

Washington Monthly’s annual college rankings, published online and in the magazine’s September-October issue, also place UC Davis 11th among all public and private universities in the nation, third among all public universities, and third among all public and private universities in California.

For its 'Affordable Elite Colleges' list, Washington Monthly looked at the 208 most selective colleges and universities in the country, according to Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges, and ranked them according to a combination of metrics — including net price and students’ future earnings — that track how well they promote income equality and upward social mobility."

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