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Undergraduates to study at Aggie Square campus in Fall 2020

“Quarter at Aggie Square” program set to begin at Sacramento campus

By Andrea Esquetini for the California Aggie on November 20, 2019

"UC Davis has released new information about the progress of Aggie Square in Sacramento — including details about a new program set to begin next fall called 'Quarter at Aggie Square.' Students pursuing this option will have the opportunity to earn one quarter’s worth of units on the Sacramento campus. 

Construction of Aggie Square, which UC Davis leadership describes as an 'innovation center,' is not set to begin construction until mid-2021. The Quarter at Aggie Square program will use existing space for the time being. It is still in the planning stage: Faculty have been asked by Carolyn Thomas, the vice provost and dean for undergraduate education, to submit their ideas for interdisciplinary programs. She is in charge of the program’s design and implementation. 

Each program is meant to utilize the resources the Sacramento campus has, including proximity to the state capitol and UC Davis Medical Center as well as provide possibilities for internships. One potential connection is a partnership between the UC Davis School of Education and the Sacramento City Unified School District.'

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