Anu Reddy

Anu Reddy Headshot

Position Title
Student Data Analyst

Public Scholarship and Engagement


What I Do 

I'm a student data analyst for Public Scholarship and Engagement. In this position, I  work with various data entry tasks. I also pick up tasks that anyone on the team needs done. I really enjoy working with all the different types of data presented to me, whether it be qualitative or quantitative.

More About Me

I'm a third year cognitive science student at UC Davis. I really enjoy my major because I am learning about the intersection between neuroscience and computer science. In addition to this position, I also work for UC ANR where I also deal with different types of data and manipulating it, entering it, etc. Because I am close to graduating, I am starting to look at grad schools that have data science or analytics programs, I hope that this next degree can give be a lot more experience in working with data formally and understanding the intricacies of it.


  • B.S., Cognitive Science, UC Davis (Expected June 2020)