Catalyzing Adaptive and Resilient Food Systems Workshop

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Climate change and associated extreme disaster events threaten agricultural productivity, food stability, and rural community resilience around the world. This webinar series brings together diverse perspectives -- from climate scientists and social scientists to crop biologists and ecologists -- to address the multi-dimensional challenges and opportunities associated with developing climate adaptive and resilient food systems in California, the US, and beyond.

The webinar series will take place over four weeks in October 2020, with coordinated sessions on climate adaptation/mitigation synergies, managing risk interactions, operational responses to climate change, and strategies to enable justice in agricultural and food systems. Each session will engage science and policy experts from the field, and will include interactive online participation from local and state government, agricultural firms and commodity boards, communities, and researchers. The goal of the webinar series is to generate productive discussions that highlight emerging science on climate change impacts experienced by various food systems, agricultural sectors, and communities. Insights from the webinars will be used a design a larger conference event scheduled for Spring 2021.

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