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Online Delivery and Engagement in a COVID Era

As Community Development educators we find ourselves facing a new educational reality. We have been called to adapt our instruction fo new port foreign formats. This can create a challenge for those of us who often teach face-to-face both in the classroom and our communities. Fortunately, we have experts in our field who have been providing online delivery for the past 15 tears. Come engage with our colleagues to discuss the best methods for online instruction. 


Great Plains IDEA Community Development Faculty 

  • Mary Emery: Founding Member - South Dakota State University 
  • Huston Gibson: Faculty Coordinator - Kansas State University 
  • Dane Mataic: New Member - North Dakota State University 


  • Historical overview of a practice-based online collaborative curriculum
  • How an online collaborative program adapts and evolves to change
  • New perspectives for online CD education and community engagement 
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