Decolonial Desires: Is a Third University Possible?

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Teaching and Learning Circle (TLC) webinar

In A Third University is Possible, la paperson (K. Wayne Yang) presents a framework for hotwiring university “machines” to the practical work of decolonization. Both Imagining America and The Globalsl Network have, respectively, positioned themselves as creating, “the conditions to shift culture and transform inequitable institutional and societal structures,” and, advancing, “ethical, critical, and aspirationally decolonial community-based learning and research for more just, inclusive, sustainable communities.” Presently, the global COVID-19 pandemic puts pressures on communities, higher education systems, and societies that are unprecedented in our lifetimes. Changes will come. But what will they look like, and what is possible? Will individualistic and competitive capitalist market modalities advance further into university structures and ways of teaching and learning? Or will new forms of collective care and public knowledge-making emerge? In a conversation facilitated by Jack Tchen, members of the IA and Globalsl networks will explore strategies to hold fast to the values that advance the practical work of decolonization during this era of rupture.

This will be a conversational and interactive online gathering. Participation is limited to 60 people and is open to Imagining America and Globalsl Network members, with 20 additional spots reserved for individuals who are not currently with member organizations or institutions. 

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