Migration Research Center Faculty Symposium

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2203 SS&H (Andrews Conference Room)

In the Migration Research Cluster Faculty Symposium, the associates of the research cluster will present their research in a compact and thought-provoking way. Brief presentations of 15-20 minutes will reflect the multi-disciplinary and policy-oriented nature of the group and will be accessible to scholars of immigration across fields. They will touch economic, social, legal, and political themes linked to migration as well as historical and human-cultural ways of looking at this phenomenon.

All interested faculty, graduate students and people involved in policymaking and working with communities of immigrants are encouraged to attend. The goal of the conference is to cross-fertilize ideas for present and future research on the phenomenon of migration and also to provide an overview of our research to policymakers and community organizers with an interest in immigration issues.  Registration closes on December 5 at 12 p.m. 

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UC Davis Migration Research Cluster