Seizing the Pandemic Portal: Transforming Universities for Community Engaged Scholarship

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Hosted by: UC Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation

As we try to navigate the opportunities for ‘building back better’, how can we help expand the space for community engaged scholarship? How can we more effectively deploy our resources, to strengthen truly equitable community partnerships across all aspects of the research process?  What does this mean for graduate students and early career faculty? For individual research centers?  For university administrators, and cross-university networks? 

Join us for a discussion on how we can seize the moment to help transform universities in the post-pandemic world, to be truly powerful partners in co-creating knowledge for justice.

Panelists and discussion leaders include (more to come as confirmed):

  • Kal Alston, Professor; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Syracuse University
  • Ana Antunes, Co-Chair, Urban Based Research Action Network and Assistant Professor, University of Utah
  • Paige Bray, Co-Chair, Urban Based Research Action Network and Associate Professor, University of Hartford
  • Robin DeLugan, Associate Professor, UC Merced
  • Ron Glass, Professor of Philosophy of Education, UC Santa Cruz
  • Erica Kohl-Arenas, Faculty Director of Imagining America, Associate Professor of American Studies, UC Davis
  • Stephanie Maroney, Mellon Public Scholars Program Manager, UC Davis
  • Michael Rios, Vice Provost of Public Scholarship, Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design, UC Davis

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