Civic Engagement Projects take shape at Bitney Prep High School

November 15, 2019
Newman, a first-year teacher, graduated from Nevada Union High School in 2015 and received her teaching credential from UC Davis where she is currently enrolled in their Master’s of Education program. In Newman’s class, all of Bitney’s seniors are expected to participate in a Civic Engagement Project where they are to identify a particular problem or issue that is important to them and go about trying to solve it.

United Nations Day

The Sacramento Chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States (UNA-USA) invites climate experts to present on the current fight against climate change and the steps that NGOs, local and world governments have taken (or haven't) to address this climate disaster in the making.

  • Davis and Sacramento
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House passes Hong Kong human rights bill with input from UCD students

October 15, 2019
At a town hall meeting Monday in Davis, a group of about 20 UC Davis students urged Rep. John Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove, to support the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Less than 24 hours later, the House of Representatives approved the bill, sending a rebuke to Beijing, which has cracked down hard on protesters in Hong Kong.