Community Organizing

From the Ground Up

November 18, 2020
Building healthy communities. It is a simple statement, but a complicated and ambitious goal — especially when the vision is to implement this goal throughout the entire state of California.

Laying the Groundwork

November 06, 2020
A widespread effort to achieve environmental justice in Sacramento is gaining momentum.

Mellon Public Scholar Katherine Nasol: Research as Movement Building in AAPI Communities

October 22, 2019
Katherine Nasol, PhD student in Cultural Studies and 2019 Mellon Public Scholar, is a community organizer at heart. As an undergraduate at Stanford, she says, 'I didn’t think I would touch research, because I was interested in social justice issues and supporting queer and trans communities of color.' But then, in the process of developing an honors thesis about trafficked Filipinx migrants in the US and Hong Kong, she was introduced to community-based research.