School of Medicine

Air Quality Impacts Early Brain Development

June 17, 2020
Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have found a link between traffic-related air pollution and an increased risk for changes in brain development relevant to neurodevelopmental disorders. Their study, based on rodent models, corroborates previous epidemiological evidence showing this association.

UC Davis Health Joins State on Testing

April 08, 2020
After steadily increasing its own coronavirus testing capacity, UC Davis Health is now collaborating with the state to quickly and significantly boost California’s testing capacity, as announced Saturday (April 4) by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Breaking Down Barriers to Care

March 18, 2020
Physician Stephany Sanchez, as associate program director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program and director of Transforming Education and Community Health for Medical Students, says her roles at UC Davis bridge everything she's passionate about in terms of underserved care.

Rural rotations

March 05, 2020
Butte-Glenn Medical Society is working with UC Davis School of Medicine to establish psychiatry training locally—aiming for year-long rotations. This dovetails with an overarching residency program UC Davis recently launched for rural communities between Sacramento and Portland. Additionally, California Northstate University College of Medicine in Elk Grove has committed to partnering with BGMS.

UC Davis professor helps with Alzheimer’s care. Why her work goes beyond the office

December 30, 2019
Oanh Meyer is no stranger to Alzheimer’s disease. Her everyday life revolves around caring for those who suffer from the ailment. Through her research and her experience as a caregiver, Meyer found that many Vietnamese elders lack knowledge about Alzheimer’s and wait a long time before seeking help or diagnosis.