Social Justice

Agents of Change 2020-2021 Fellowship

Amplifying neglected voices in environmental health

Agents of Change is an ongoing series featuring the stories, analyses and perspectives of next generation environmental health leaders who come from historically under-represented backgrounds in science and academia.

The Minneapolis Uprising

In this panel, organizers from Minneapolis will talk about the decades of multi-racial and Black-led organizing that has led to these victories, reflect on the lessons and promises of the Minneapolis uprising, and discuss the path forward for abolitionist and Black liberation struggles in the US and globally. 

Race at Boiling Point: Movement We Make

There is movement. In the air and on the ground. Movement in bodies gathering together in collective demand for change or fleeing threat. Movement in the travel of language within and across boundaries and borders, carrying histories and horizons.

Asking Different Questions

Addressing Privilege and Anti-Blackness in Research Culture

What are we doing to address ongoing anti-Blackness and amend for generations of exclusion? How must our departments, professional organizations, research systems, mentoring practices, and administrative structures change?

400 Years of Resistance: Race, Policing, and Abolition

Americans are on the edge. Amid deepening economic austerity and the expansion of carceral technologies, the U.S. government’s manipulation of the COVID-19 crisis has deepened the fault-lines of racialized valuation and the population’s differential exposure to mortality.

Finding Miracles in Unlikely Places

June 18, 2020
Sandy Holman is the Purple Lady whose work in promoting diversity, equity, and quality education brings love and change in the community around her. 

Top UC Davis Graduate to Pursue Studies in Climate Change Fiction

June 10, 2020
An English major — who aims to use fiction to address climate change and help its refugees —  will be honored as the top graduating senior at the University of California, Davis, during its online graduation celebration for undergraduates this Friday (June 12)