Better Borrowing to Promote Access to Water and Improve Dairy Farming in Kenya

June 12, 2020
MRR Innovation Lab researchers are partnering with Nyala Vision Savings and Credit Cooperative in Kenya to test financial contracts for rain collecting water tanks, including a layaway savings plan, an asset-collateralized loan and a hybrid option that enables farmers to save towards the loan’s deposit.

Becoming a citizen scientist in your own backyard

May 21, 2020
Rachel Davis, UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden GATEways horticulturist, and Lauren Glevanik, UC Davis student and Learning by Leading intern share information about how we can all be naturalists and citizen scientists in our own yards or local areas with the help of the iNaturalist app. 

Kelp! They Need Somebody … To Eat Sea Urchins

December 30, 2019
Urchinomics and its partner, the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, are running a trial designed to develop methods for ranching purple sea urchins for profit, while at the same time addressing the consequences of a nasty ecological chain reaction.

Lab-Grown Larvae Could Help Save The Environment

September 26, 2019
Four UC Davis graduate students and a researcher propose feeding agricultural waste, including almond hulls, to insects. Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gas by finding this pesty but efficient way to get rid of waste.