Empowering Communities: Revolutionizing Eye Care for Cognitive Health

Innovative solutions and compassionate care can play a crucial role in managing the challenges of Alzheimer's disease, a prevalent form of dementia that not only profoundly impacts individuals but also their families and communities. Dr. Allison Liu is leveraging telemedicine and community engagement to ensure everyone can receive timely and comprehensive care for Alzheimer's disease.

The University as Public Space: Integrating Home and Academic Life for Students

As a public university, the University of California’s fundamental missions are teaching, research and “to serve society as a center of higher learning.” None of these endeavors are possible without public service. And yet, the importance of the public to the university is not always obvious to the public that we engage with the most frequently on campus — our students.

Understanding How Students Learn Through Virtual Reality

The little boy, about 7 years old, almost disappeared inside the virtual reality headset, yet the way he was holding up his hands showed he knew exactly what to do. A laptop screen showed what he was seeing: digital outlines of hands manipulating Tetris-like blocks. A hand turned a block to make it fit, then picked up another.