Empowering Communities: Revolutionizing Eye Care for Cognitive Health

Innovative solutions and compassionate care can play a crucial role in managing the challenges of Alzheimer's disease, a prevalent form of dementia that not only profoundly impacts individuals but also their families and communities. Dr. Allison Liu is leveraging telemedicine and community engagement to ensure everyone can receive timely and comprehensive care for Alzheimer's disease.

The University as Public Space: Integrating Home and Academic Life for Students

As a public university, the University of California’s fundamental missions are teaching, research and “to serve society as a center of higher learning.” None of these endeavors are possible without public service. And yet, the importance of the public to the university is not always obvious to the public that we engage with the most frequently on campus — our students.

A Cup of Culture

In exploring the rich tapestry of global cultures, few elements weave as intricate a story as tea. Tracing the spread of tea culture offers a unique lens for art historian Katharine Burnett, professor and Chair in the Department of Art and Art History, to explore the complex interplay of tradition, globalization, and identity.

Open Letters from Prison

When COVID-19 isolated incarcerated people, Assistant Professor Ben Weber and the California Coalition for Women Prisoners launched a writing group to facilitate communication among individuals both on inside and outside of prison walls.

Anthropological Ally

Liza Grandia, associate professor in the Department of Native American Studies and internationally acclaimed public scholar, was barely drinking age when she stopped the World Bank and an international oil company from building a pipeline through the rural regions of Guatemala.

Navigating Bodies That Don’t Fit

Filmmaker Julie Wyman, associate professor of cinema and digital media, brings a deeply personal connection to UNTITLED DWARFISM PROJECT, a documentary feature film exploring the little people community’s perspectives on new pharmaceutical treatments for dwarfism.

Closing the Digital Divide

A new community-engaged learning course is teaching UC Davis students about intergenerational learning and communication and helping combat age segregation and digital exclusion among older adults.