Access, Equity & Justice Blog Posts

Never Losing Touch

May 19, 2021
Graduate student Alex Volzer draws on a personal experience to shape his approach to inclusive economic development in rural communities.

20 miles away. A world apart.

July 15, 2020
Professor Natalia Deeb-Sossa addresses issues faced by Mexican farmworker mothers by connecting with the community of Knights Landing to advocate for educational rights and establish health clinics in the town. 

Finding Miracles in Unlikely Places

June 18, 2020
Sandy Holman is the Purple Lady whose work in promoting diversity, equity, and quality education brings love and change in the community around her. 

Listening to the Undocumented

January 15, 2020
Roy “RJ” Taggueg, Jr. is an undocumented UC Davis student whose parents came from the Philippines when he was 7 years old. Now he is pursuing a Ph.D. in sociology with a research focus on studying the undocumented Filipinx population.

Bringing justice closer to home

December 17, 2019
UC Davis Professor of Law Lisa Pruitt is partnering with people in rural communities to advocate for those who experience unequal access to legal services because of where they live. It’s work she isn’t paid for that takes a lot of time, but it helps ensure her work in academia can be more broadly relevant and address the experiences of rural communities.