Mark Haney sits in a radio studio surrounded by several Square Solutions founders, students and entrepreneurs Henry Yu, Dillon Hill, Akshaj Raghavi, Sophie Bloyd, Harjn Bains and Deesha Patel.
Mark Haney interviewed several members of the Square Solutions team during a recent radio show.

10 Students, One Quarter, Two Inventions

Quarter at Aggie Square immerses students in real-life application of technological solutions

'Not long after Quarter at Aggie Square launched in fall 2020, students quickly found success through the immersive, undergraduate academic experience. Some participants were admitted to prestigious graduate programs and others earned competitive internship opportunities. This year, one team of undergraduates found success by creating not one, but two innovations as a result of their Experience last fall.

Ten of the 11 students from the Biomedical Engineering at the Health Campus Experience didn’t stop there. They went on to enter their two medical innovations in the 2023 Big Bang! Business Competition. Both ventures, BioChem ML and Square Solutions, made it to the finals. Square Solutions, which is a design for safe transportation for cell therapies, received the $10,000 Human Health + Industry Sector Award — a fitting category for a team focused on the intersection between engineering and medicine.

“This is the biggest recognition we’ve seen in terms of how many students were involved,” said Angela Taylor, who currently leads Quarter at Aggie Square, or QAS.'

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