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Immigration Policies Don’t Deter Migrants From Coming to the US – Title 42 and the Border Rules Replacing It Only Make the Process Longer and More Difficult

Politicians have been saying there’s an immigration crisis at the border for decades and have been trying to fix it for nearly as long. The rules have changed many times over the years – and they are about to change again as a pandemic-era set of restrictions expires May 11, 2023.

UC Davis' Article 26 Backpack Digital Human Rights Tool Expands to Rwanda

"Higher education is a human right and among the most effective tools to ensure the social, economic and political inclusion of displaced peoples and refugees. Quality education for all is also a core United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), a set of 17 goals adopted by all UN member states aiming to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Bringing a Community Perspective to Public Scholarship and Engagement

In the world of higher education, community engagement projects (teaching, learning, scholarly activities) boil down to people coming together under a common goal to make change. At its best, all actors in the partnership learn and grow. But how do these partnerships start? What is their origin story? To answer this question, I’ll start with my initial community-engaged experiences and tell you about how Public Scholarship and Engagement (PSE) is working to facilitate more community engagement origin stories.