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6 Books on Climate Change from UC Davis

Get Informed and Inspired with New Books from Campus Authors

'You don't have to be a student at UC Davis to learn from these professors. Their knowledge about the Earth and its environment is woven throughout these six new books that came out in 2023 or are about to be published. From oceans, fire, and evolution to transportation and sustainability these books inspire action on the world’s most pressing environmental issues. 

At Every Depth by Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor Tessa Hill and writer Eric Simons takes a deep and emotional dive into how human relationships with the ocean are shifting with the rapid changes occurring in the sea. 

“We tell stories of people who are rebuilding our connection to the ocean and carving a new, more sustainable way forward,” said Hill.

From scientists, to Indigenous community members, to fishermen, these people have watched the coast change and the losses that accompany it.'

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