Karla Cuadros wears a California Families Project T-shirt

California Families Project: Resilience and Community

Landmark UC Davis Study of Mexican-Origin Families Looks at Vast Range of Influences on Human Development from Infancy to Old Age

"When researchers at the University of California, Davis, recruited hundreds of fifth-graders and their parents for a health and development study in 2006, they planned to monitor the families for at least three years.

Sixteen years later, the California Families Project is still going strong — expanding, as the fifth-graders grew up and had families of their own, from a focus on youth drug risks and resilience to a far-reaching, multigenerational look at overall health and well-being.

The most comprehensive longitudinal study of its kind in the United States, the California Families Project looks at the development of children of Mexican origin and a wide range of characteristics — individual, family, neighborhood, school and culture — that help them succeed in life."

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