a large group of young people posing for a photo on a street corner with brick buildings and a bus in the background
The Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe study abroad course, taught by Associate Professor Catherine Brinkley, poses in front of the Hammerby Sjostad sustainable development project in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo courtesy)

Community Development Students Impact Policy as Part of Class

"In Associate Professor Catherine Brinkley’s class, students don’t just learn about policy — they help to change it. 

'This is literally going to impact people you see at the grocery store,' said Noah Sullivan, social services branch director of Yolo Health and Human Services, after watching the graduate students’ policy analysis presentation. 'This is going to be a game changer… I’m excited to have you all thinking about it.'

He added, 'If you all want a job in public health after you graduate, give me a call.'"

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