Group of five Black college students studying on the lawn

Mentoring the Future of Nursing Science

Four fellows who are alumni of historically black colleges and universities receive grant funds that aim to mentor future Black nurse scientists

'(SACRAMENTO) Nursing is a field of more than four million professionals. Less than 10% are Black. In higher education, less than 1% of nurse scientists are Black.

Schenita Randolph knows she is part of an incredibly small minority. As an undergraduate at North Carolina A&T State University, she did not envision herself as a nurse scientist.

“During my undergraduate program I did not engage in research outside of our research course my senior year,” she recalled. “It was after I received my master’s degree that I wanted to learn more about a research role and find innovative solutions and strategies to address some of the sexual health outcomes I was witnessing among adolescents in the clinical setting,” Randolph said.'

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