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New Technical Advisory Panel Will Provide Scientific Guidance on 30×30 for Coastal Waters

A Science-informed Approach to 30×30

"California’s coast and ocean are threatened by the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Conserving 30% of our coastal waters by 2030 (the “30×30” initiative) will help build resilience to climate change and protect our state’s precious natural resources. To ensure that conservation results in meaningful benefits for both biodiversity and people, OPC is committed to taking a science-informed approach to 30×30. 

16% of California’s coastal waters, the area currently covered by the state’s marine protected area (MPA) network, is already considered conserved per the definition of conservation set forth in Pathways to 30×30: Accelerating Conservation of California’s Nature. To conserve an additional half a million acres by 2030, OPC is spearheading action across four fronts: adaptively managing the MPA network to ensure it continues to provide strong protections for coastal and marine biodiversity, especially in the face of climate change; working with federal partners to strengthen biodiversity protections in California’s National Marine Sanctuaries; exploring the role of other spatial management measures (beyond MPAs and Sanctuaries) in protecting biodiversity; and supporting tribally-led conservation."

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