little squares with peoples faces in them and text that reads UC Davis top 10 Grad Slam
UC Davis’ 2020 Grad Slam finalists, from left: Top row — Lindsay Cameron, Fatima Hussain, Paul Kasemsap, Ellen Lai and Kayce Mastrup. Bottom row — Morgan Matson, Amelia Munson, Kristina Rodriguez, Claire Shaw and Peter Torres.

Our 10 Finalists in Abbreviated Grad Slam

By Dateline Staff on March 31, 2020

"As far as we’re concerned, they all hit grand slams in the 2020 Grad Slam. They are the 10 finalists, and will always have that honor — and some prize money, too.

But there won’t be a finals competition, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The finals had been scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, amid National Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week. The winner would have advanced to the systemwide Grad Slam — but it, too, has been canceled.

In the Grad Slam, master’s and Ph.D. students from all disciplines are invited to sum up their research for presentation to a general audience, covering the significance and fundamental points of their work in a clear, direct and interesting manner, in three minutes or less. Each UC then sends its campus winner to the systemwide Grad Slam."

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