Woman standing in front of a door at the White House in between two flags
Frances Moore at the White House.

Professor Reflects on Role at the Council of Economic Advisers in D.C.

"After memorable encounters with the president and collaborating with some of the world’s top economic experts, Frances C. Moore, an associate professor with the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP), is shedding light on the relationship between research and real-world decision-making.

Moore spent the past year in Washington, D.C., serving as a senior economist with the Council of Economic Advisers, or CEA. The council is part of the Executive Office of the President that provides objective economic analysis and makes policy recommendations for economic growth and stability. Each year, the CEA releases the Economic Report of the President (ERP). When Moore began her term in September 2022, a big portion of her work focused on helping to write the chapter in the 2023 ERP dedicated to better managing weather risk in the changing climate."

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