UC Davis Launches $3 Million Project to Improve Farmworker COVID Safety

a man in a mask and cap handling butternut squash
The COVID-19 Statewide Agriculture and Farmworker Education Program is designed to help California's 800,000 farmworkers stay safe during the pandemic. (Hector Amezcua/UC Davis)

Team is Working with Agricultural Industry and Community Groups

By Diane Nelson on January 27, 2021

"California’s 800,000 farmworkers have been hit hard by COVID-19, the disease that has infected more than 25 million people and killed more than 420,000 in the United States. Farmworkers are especially vulnerable to the airborne virus that causes COVID-19 because they often live, work and carpool in close quarters with other people. As essential employees, farmworkers have stayed on the job during the pandemic to plant, process and harvest the nation’s food.

Agricultural safety experts and communicators at the University of California, Davis, have launched the COVID-19 Statewide Agriculture and Farmworker Education Program to reverse that trend. Funded by a $3 million contract with the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, the project provides workers, growers, farm labor contractors, community groups and others the training and safety information they need to reduce farmworkers’ risk of contracting COVID-19.

The COVID-19 project is led by experts at the UC Davis Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, who are collaborating with the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communications Team, a network of community-based organizations, and agricultural industry groups."

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