three women wearing blue scrubs and stethoscopes around their necks look at a horse
First-year veterinary medicine students learn how to check the health and how to work with horses at the Center for Equine Health. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

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Building Resilience to Health Care Burnout Across the Medical Fields

'Burnout. It is a word that has been on the lips of everyone in the academic sphere in recent years. 

The issue has grown more relevant since the coronavirus upended the education system. And for medical, nursing and veterinary students, burnout presents a bigger challenge perhaps than ever before. Indeed, it is a massive obstacle to student learning and quality patient care. 

So how do students cultivate resilience to health care burnout? 

This is what a team of researchers at UC Davis has set out to investigate. An interdisciplinary study — led by health professionals across three of Davis’ professional schools — seeks to produce resilience training solutions that can create “improvements in well-being, stress and burnout in health care workers.” 

The researchers define resilience as “the process by which individuals bounce back from hardship or adversity.”'

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