Four veterinarians examine a mountain lion with burn injuries from wildfire on an exam table.
Jamie Peyton of UC Davis and colleagues from CDFW examine a mountain lion with burn injuries from the September 2020 Bobcat Fire. (CDFW)

Wildlife Disaster Network Mobilizes Aid for Burned, Injured Wildlife

By Kat Kerlin for UC Davis News on October 5, 2020 

Modeled After Oiled Wildlife Care Network, New Network Fills Missing Gap

"In wildfire-beleaguered California, firefighters and emergency personnel race to help humans, livestock and neighborhoods across the state, year after year. Now, a new network is being created to help treat injured individuals from an overlooked population — wildlife.

The Wildlife Disaster Network is a partnership between the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It aims to quickly and efficiently mobilize the people and resources needed to aid wildlife affected by wildfire and other disasters.

[Read more details in the CDFW’s feature story: “The Wildlife Disaster Network Is Created to Meet a Burning Need.”]

The new network’s mission and structure is modeled after the UC Davis-led Oiled Wildlife Care Network, created in 1994 to mobilize volunteers and professionals to rescue and treat shorebirds and other wildlife that are injured during oil spills."

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