Hard Times for Hard Shells

"Having a conversation about wildfires may be an unusual way to help educate people about climate change in our oceans. But for Northern California-based marine scientist and AAAS Fellow Tessa Hill, Ph.D., both topics are urgent and closely related. Deadly, fast-moving wildfires have touched nearly everyone in the region. And the fires’ link to climate change provides a non-threatening way for her to engage with her community about heat waves, both on land and in the oceans. 

New Faculty Fellows Program Supports Public Scholarship

Public Scholarship and Engagement launches its inaugural Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows program with 10 faculty members from across disciplines whose project topics span environmental health disparities and green gentrification to criminal justice reform and Korean immigrant activism.

Plans for Culture Change Start with Faculty

Vice Provost Michael Rios and Associate Vice Provost Tessa Hill talk about the Provost's Work Group, the intersection between those recommendations and the goals and objectives laid out in the Implementation Framework and how she plans to approach her first year as Associate Vice Provost.

A Message of Solidarity

We at Public Scholarship and Engagement are grappling with the anger, sadness, and trauma associated with the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other victims of anti-Black violence. We stand in solidarity with people coming together in streets around the world to protest these deaths and the ongoing violent racism so prevalent in our societies.

A Statement of Solidarity with Black Faculty

This is a time like no other, a global health pandemic and the escalation of public unrest in the face of yet another killing of a Black man at the hands of police officers. George Floyd, like numerous other men, women, and trans persons of color before and after him, died because of persistent and endemic racialized realities in the U.S. that plague Black communities simultaneously with over policing and economic and social exclusion.