Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows 2024 Call for Applications

The Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows (PSFF) is a competitive fellowship program that seeks to acknowledge and reward exemplary individuals who are working toward a specific public scholarship goal. We encourage all eligible faculty, researchers and continuing lecturers to apply.

Public scholarship is broadly defined as research, teaching and learning that has an impact for the public(s) beyond the university. At UC Davis, we see this work as being broad and inclusive of different forms of scholarship that vary by discipline and types of scholarly activity.  

Call for Proposals: Public Impact Research Initiative

The Public Impact Research Initiative (PIRI) was established through Public Scholarship and Engagement to recognize and support research that is cogenerated with community partners, is of mutual benefit, and has a positive public impact. Through this program we provide financial support for new collaborations or sustaining relationships that will support publicly engaged research with non-university partners. Visit the PIRI webpage for more information.