ESEL Collaborative

Engaged Scholarship and Engaged Learning (ESEL) Collaborative


In collaboration with Imagining America, OPSE supports a learning community of campus leaders committed to increasing visibility and support for public scholarship and community engagement at UC Davis called the Engaged Scholarship and Engaged Learning (ESEL) Collaborative.

Each member of the ESEL Collaborative contributes in ways that draw from their unique strengths toward a common goal to change the institutional culture in ways that elevate and support public scholarship and community engagement.

The ESEL Collaborative is committed to:

  • Sharing knowledge and experiences that create, foster, and uplift a culture of engagement at UC Davis and with community partners.
  • Building institutional capacity to deepen engaged scholarship and learning that transforms the university and has a lasting impact.
  • Leading together in ways that demonstrate the power of collaboration, collective decision-making, and resource sharing.

For more information about the ESEL Collaborative, or to attend a meeting, please email