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Community Engagement Collaborative

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We invite UC Davis faculty or staff who engage with communities in their work, or are interested in connecting with other community-engaged practitioners and scholars, to join the Community Engagement Collaborative.

UC Davis has from its earliest days embodied a mission of public service and outreach aimed at bettering society. Today, UC Davis is recognized as a leader in university and community engagement nationally and across the UC system, with numerous initiatives and partnerships, programs and projects that span a wide range of disciplines and areas of impact — locally and across the globe.

UC Davis has embraced a broad definition of community engagement that goes beyond outreach and extension: from individuals pursuing or supporting research and learning in concert with their communities to multidisciplinary academic programs, centers, institutes, and community-based organizations working together to tackle societal issues. The Community Engagement Collaborative is an extension of this work, but organized in a collectively powerful way.

Join the Collaborative

Vision & Values

The Community Engagement Collaborative is a community of practice for university faculty and staff actively working with external communities with the purpose of growing UC Davis’ capacity as an institution committed to the public good.

We believe in the value and imperative of community engagement that 

  • starts from a place of listening to understand,
  • is fundamentally respectful and mutually beneficial, and 
  • builds off community and institutional strengths to maximize impact


Led by a steering committee of leaders from across the university, the Collaborative seeks to support community engagement efforts at the individual and institutional level by providing a gathering space to learn from and with each other. The Collaborative seeks to coordinate efforts and develop synergistic partnerships; recognizing that we are stronger together when we work together.

Join us!

There are many ways to get involved with the Community Engagement Collaborative.