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Faculty Funding and Awards

Supporting your scholarship through grants, fellowships and awards

UC Davis Funding Opportunities

  • Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellows
    This program aims to support individuals who recognize the value of student learning experiences outside the classroom that address issues of public concern and are eager to incorporate community-framed problems and questions into existing courses and new curricular experiences
    Applications due annually in Fall Quarter
  • Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows
    This program aims to support individuals developing new publicly engaged research or scholarship, including: developing relationships with community partners, identifying ways to integrate scholarship with policy, applying for extramural funding, and writing or presenting on their research for broad audiences.
    Applications due annually in Spring Quarter
  • Public Impact Research Initiative
    The Public Impact Research Initiative (PIRI) was established to recognize and support research that is cogenerated with community partners, is of mutual benefit and has a positive public impact. This program provides financial support for new collaborations and sustained relationships that will support publicly engaged research with non-university partners.
    Applications due annually in Winter Quarter
  • Environmental Health Sciences Center Pilot Projects
    The Pilot Projects Program helps researchers who are early-stage investigators in environmental health sciences, established investigators new to environmental health sciences, or established environmental health sciences investigators exploring substantially new research directions in a field relevant to environmental health sciences All proposals to the EHSC Pilot Projects Program must include a plan for community engagement. 
    Applications due annually in Fall Quarter
  • Global Affairs Curriculum Enhancement Through Global Learning Program
    The Global Affairs Curriculum Enhancement Through Global Learning program, a faculty development opportunity that supports the university-wide Global Education for All initiative, will provide UC Davis faculty with concrete tools for globalizing teaching and preparing students for success in a globalized world.
    Check website for latest cohort deadline
  • Provost’s Faculty Development Program
    The Faculty Development Program is designed to encourage further scholarly attainment by faculty members whose heavy involvement in service has reduced their time from their research specialty.
    Call annually in Fall Quarter
  • Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety Small Grant Program
    The overarching goal of the WCAHS Small Grant Program is to encourage the development of creative research projects while nurturing researchers—particularly early-career researchers—interested in improving agricultural health and safety for the Western U.S. Projects that include collaboration with cooperative extension farm advisors or farm labor contractors and/or those that result in industry, community, and/or policy outputs are encouraged.
    Applications due annually, first week of September. 

UC Davis Recognition and Awards

  • Chancellor’s Achievement Awards for Diversity and Community
    These awards honor UC Davis faculty, staff, and students, and local community members for achievements that contribute in substantial ways to the development and well-being of our diverse and evolving community. Award recipients will receive a monetary prize and they will be honored at a special reception held in Winter Quarter at the Chancellor’s Residence.
    Nominations due annually in Fall
  • Chancellor’s Awards for International Engagement
    These awards recognize individual faculty and staff members for their outstanding international engagement in carrying out the university’s missions of teaching, research, and service. Award announcements are made at Global Affairs International Connections Reception annually. 
    Nominations due annually in January
  • Chancellor's Innovation Awards
    These awards are designed to recognize faculty, community partners, and industry leaders for their success in developing new technologies, social platforms or other innovations based on university research or academic endeavors. These innovators play an essential role in translating university research to improve the lives of others and address the needs of our global society.
    Nominations due annually in March
  • Community Service Awards
    The UC Davis Community Service Resource Center recognizes students, staff, faculty and student organizations who devote their time to community service and make an effort to improve the communities around them by performing community service in various fields and helping people who are in need. 
    Check website for annual nomination deadline
  • Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award and Distinguished Service Award
    The Academic Senate recognizes significant contributions to the world, nation, state, local community through distinguished public service and the Academic Federation recognizes faculty and researchers who are engaged with the public through their awards. 
    Nominations due annually in Fall Quarter

External Funding Opportunities

  • Kellogg Foundation Community Engagement Awards 
    The W. K. Kellogg Foundation Community Engagement Scholarship Award and C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award recognize four-year public universities that have made exemplary strides to become more closely and productively engaged with communities through their teaching/learning, discovery, and service activities.
    Check website for annual call for nominations
  • C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award 
    Since 2006, the APLU C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award has provided national recognition for public universities' outstanding community-university engagement work. The Magrath Award winner is chosen from one of four regional winners of the Kellogg Community Engagement Awards, which are presented each fall during the ESC Annual Conference. 
    Nominations are submitted by institutions each spring, for regional competition.
  • International Association for Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement (IARSLCE) Awards and Recognitions 
    In recognition of exemplary contributions through research on service-learning and community engagement, IARSLCE honors those whose research contributes significantly to the understanding and advancing community engagement, across all approaches and all educational sectors.
    Nominations are due annually in September
  • HuMetricsHSS Initiative Community Fellowship
    HuMetricsHSS Community Fellows are individuals who are engaged in transforming academic culture at their own institutions, whether by rethinking what forms of scholarship “count,” considering how indicators and metrics might  be informed by values, or engaging their communities in values-inflected ways.
    Proposals are due annually in October
  • The John P. McGovern Science and Society Award 
    The McGovern Award has recognized achievement by a scientist or engineer that transcends their career as a researcher.  Past recipients of this award represent a broad spectrum of individuals whose varied activities supported research, the communication of science, and the impact of science on society.
    Nominations are due annually in January
  • Whiting Public Engagement Programs 
    The Whiting Public Engagement Programs, including the Public Engagement Fellowship and the Public Engagement Seed Grant, celebrate and empower humanities faculty who embrace public engagement as part of their scholarly vocation.
    Nominations are due from institutions annually in Spring