Assemblyman Rob Bonta and professor Robyn Magalit Rodriguez talk with students about the $1 million dollars for the Bulosan Center for Filipino American Studies in funding from the state on October 23, 2019.

Faculty Resources

Resources and Support for Publicly Engaged Scholars

Welcome to our resource guide for publicly engaged scholars. Here you will find programs that Public Scholarship and Engagement offers to members of the Academic Senate and Academic Federation, as well as resources we recommend for anyone interested in public engagement work and ways to access additional support.

Our Programs for Academic Senate and Federation Members

Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellows

This program aims to support individuals who recognize the value of student learning experiences outside the classroom that address issues of public concern and are eager to incorporate community-framed problems and questions into existing courses and new curricular experiences.

Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows

This program aims to support individuals developing or continuing new publicly engaged research or scholarship, including: developing relationships with community partners, identifying ways to integrate scholarship with policy, applying for extramural funding, and writing or presenting on their research for broad audiences.

Public Impact Research Initiative 

This program was established to recognize and support research that is cogenerated with community partners, is of mutual benefit, and has a positive public impact. Through PIRI, we provide financial support for new collaborations and sustained relationships that will support publicly engaged research with non-university partners.

Public Scholars Community

We champion public scholarship that advances the university’s production of knowledge, learning and leadership. We’re building a community of UC Davis faculty and staff whose research, teaching and creative practice that engages the public or focuses on issues of high public impact.

Workshops and Mentoring 

Interested in exploring frameworks for community engaged learning, incorporating public scholarship into merit and promotion, or communicating the importance of your work to broad audiences? Contact us to request a workshop for your faculty or for an appointment with our staff or other members of our faculty network. 

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