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Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows

About the Program

Public scholarship is broadly defined as research, teaching, and learning that has an impact for the public(s) beyond the university. At UC Davis, we see this work as being broad and inclusive of different forms of scholarship that vary by discipline and types of scholarly activity.  

The Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows (PSFF) program seeks to acknowledge and reward exemplary individuals who are working towards a specific goal or outcome during the Fellowship. Examples of outcomes that Fellows may pursue during the Faculty Fellows program include but are not limited to: 

  • writing of public scholarship focused manuscript in an academic or professional journal
  • writing of a book chapter, book proposal, or similar
  • planned public exhibition, performance, 
  • writing for public audiences

Through the Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows program, we will provide concrete tools and facilitate opportunities for faculty across all disciplines to collectively cultivate a culture of engagement at UC Davis and meet their specifically designed and stated goals. We will cover topics including: 

  • identifying challenges and benefits of engaging in work with community partners, 
  • avenues for publishing public scholarship, 
  • strategies for communicating scholarship with audiences beyond academia, 
  • representing public scholarship in tenure/ promotion files, and 
  • envisioning futures of public scholarship at UC Davis.


We seek applications from: 

  • Academic Senate members 
  • Non-represented Academic Federation members 
  • Unit 18 Continuing Lecturers (Pre-6 Unit 18 applicants are not eligible, due to the timing and structure of this program.) 

Participation Guidelines and Application Details