Picture of the superior court in Sacramento
Yolo County residents looking for help at the Superior Court might be aided by the Next Steps Advisor app, which was created by a UC Davis law student. (Randy Pench)

Domestic Violence survivors have an app to seek justice thanks to UC Davis Student

By Leslie Hicks on May 5, 2020 for the Sacramento Bee

"Domestic violence claims fall under civil law, which means paying for legal representation is a significant barrier to those seeking justice in California. The State Bar of California found in its 2019 California Justice Gap Study that 85 percent of Californians received little to no help for their civil legal problems, which include problems at all income levels related to health, finance and employment. Unlike in criminal law, in civil court cases there is no guarantee to an attorney.

That is why UC Davis law student Alison Corn created the Next Steps Advisor app for survivors of domestic violence who want a legal recourse at the Yolo County Superior Courthouse. Corn won second prize this year for her app in the Iron Tech Lawyer Invitational hosted by Georgetown University.

Corn works with the Yolo County Superior Court’s self-help center, which is geared to people without legal representation, with people who want to petition for restraining orders. She said the paperwork is 'incredibly complex,' especially for those without a lawyer to guide them through it."

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