Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellows Program

group of students watching a woman point into grass

About the Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellows Program

The Community Engaged Learning (CEL) Faculty Fellows program seeks to acknowledge and reward exemplary faculty and instructors who are eager to incorporate community-framed problems and questions into their classrooms. These leaders recognize the value of student learning experiences outside the classroom that address issues of public concern. 

While community engaged learning courses may take different forms, they all:

  • Address a specific need, problem or common concern;
  • Include collaboration with a community partner;
  • Connect this collaboration with course content and disciplinary perspectives; and
  • Include ongoing and documented student reflection.

The CEL Faculty Fellows program aims to support individuals working to fully integrate this learning approach into existing courses and new curricular experiences. Some of the questions the program will address include: How can engagement enhance student learning experiences and outcomes? How can students be prepared to engage responsibly and thoughtfully with community partners? How can mutually beneficial relationships be built with community partners? 

Through the CEL Faculty Fellows program, Public Scholarship and Engagement will provide concrete tools and facilitate opportunities for UC Davis faculty members across all disciplines to create and improve community-based student learning experiences that will help cultivate and foster a culture of engagement at UC Davis through impactful partnerships with non-university groups.