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Six Named Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows

On October 21, UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement (PSE) will welcome its third cohort to the Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows program. The six faculty fellows will pursue writing projects on health equity, municipal reparations for racism and understanding how parents talk to their children, among other topics.

The 2022-23 faculty fellows are:

  • Piri Ackerman-Barger: Associate Dean for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Betty Irene School of Nursing
    Project summary: A book outlining the fundamentals of health equity; how nurses are uniquely poised to advance health equity; and strategies grounded in the framework of cultural humility that can advance health equity. 
  • Greg Downs: Professor, Department of History
    Project summary: Complete reports for the Sacramento Mayor's Office on the history of race and racial exclusion in Sacramento that will be useful for the city's efforts to create a model for municipal reparations. 
  • Katie Graf Estes: Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
    Project summary: Perform a comprehensive review of how parents talk to infants across languages and cultures, to be shared with scientific and public audiences; identify where our assumptions about “universal” parenting behaviors differ across cultures; and indicate future directions for research. 
  • Theanne GriffithAssistant Professor, Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology
    Project summary: Prepare a nonfiction book proposal that centers around the history of the false and dangerous notion that Black people have reduced sensitivity to pain, which will be complemented by a discussion on the real science of skin.
  • Andy Jones: Continuing Lecturer, University Writing Program, and Academic Associate Director of Academic Technology Service
    Project summary: Create a book made up of prose essays and poems on the responsibilities of a publicly-facing poet, topics raised during the Faculty Fellows program, and principles of community engagement.
  • Heghnar Watenpaugh: Professor, Department of Art and Art History 
    Project summary: Translate data and research on threats to cultural heritage in the Middle East and South Caucasus into public-facing materials and showcase the stories of cultural heritage defenders at all levels. 

Visit our Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows page for full biographies of all our fellows.

About the Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows program

“Our third cohort of Faculty Fellows truly embodies the diverse forms of public scholarship at UC Davis. I am excited to grow the number of scholars who are building mutually beneficial partnerships with our communities,” said Michael Rios, vice provost for public scholarship and engagement.

Public scholarship is broadly defined as research, teaching and learning that has an impact beyond the university. PSE views this work as inclusive of different disciplines and types of scholarly activity. 

The Faculty Fellows program was established to acknowledge and reward exemplary individuals who are working towards a specific public scholarship goal or outcome. The cohort-based program will meet monthly through March 2023 to provide participating faculty with a public scholarship peer group and structured time for advancing their projects.

In addition to helping Fellows identify outlets for their scholarship, the program prepares Fellows to communicate their public scholarship to a wide range of audiences and delineate the value of public scholarship in the merit and promotion process. The Fellowship program is led by Associate Vice Provost Tessa Hill, and features guest speakers who bring their university and public scholarship expertise to the group. 

About UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement

Public Scholarship and Engagement champions a culture of engagement in research, teaching, learning and creative activity. Our programs and partnerships build mutually beneficial relationships between UC Davis and communities in California and beyond. We support faculty and students who seek to share and generate knowledge with others.

Our vision is a university unbound, dedicated to equity and inclusion, working together for the greater good.

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