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Our Advisory Councils

Public Scholarship and Engagement Advisory Councils

Public Scholarship and Engagement Advisory Councils consist of university and non-university constituents who advise, promote, support and contribute to Public Scholarship and Engagement's (PSE) mission: building and supporting meaningful relationships between communities and UC Davis scholars that work together to solve today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges.


In 2018, UC Davis completed Public Scholarship for the Public Gooda long-range, overarching institutional strategy and implementation framework to support and deepen publicly-engaged research, teaching, and learning that has a public impact. 

Specifically, the goals laid out in this framework include:

  • Reward and recognize public scholarship in research, teaching, and creative practice
  • Develop and improve community-based learning experiences
  • Increase mutually community engagement and public impact

A key ingredient to realizing the goals and objectives of Public Scholarship for the Public Good is a coordinated approach to collective impact. This requires mechanisms to provide ongoing guidance to ensure high-quality and impactful activities.  

The Role of the Advisory Councils

These advisory councils will both inform and generate ideas around PSE program development and provide feedback on existing program areas and activities. Additionally, the council members play a crucial role in connecting PSE to university and non-university constituencies by representing diverse issues and viewpoints; raising awareness of PSE through their constituencies; and working to maintain the long term sustainability of PSE. Collectively, the advisory council will ensure the representation of faculty, staff, students, and community partners.