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Community Campus Connect

Partnering for the Public Good

Community Campus Connect facilitates collaborations between UC Davis scholars and communities. We work with individuals, organizations and institutions throughout the greater Sacramento region to make our communities stronger, help our neighbors stay healthier and prepare our workforce for a better future.

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Connect with the University

Are you a nonprofit, government agency, or community group looking for ways to establish a new academic-based collaboration with UC Davis?

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Connect with Communities

Are you UC Davis faculty or staff interested in establishing a community-based collaboration for your research, teaching, or creative practice? 

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Connect with the UC Davis College Corps

Is your nonprofit, local school, or government agency looking for direct service support in K-12 education, food security, or climate action?

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Looking for Something Else?

Community Campus Connect is an entry point for academic-based partnerships. Not the right fit? Here are some other UC Davis resources you might be interested it:

  • Financial Sponsorships 
    UC Davis Health outlines guidance and criteria for funding opportunities that make a positive impact on our communities.
  • Foundation and Corporate Partnerships 
    The UC Davis Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement coordinates with academic and administrative units to build and manage foundation and corporate relationships.
  • Vendors and Suppliers 
    UC Davis Supply Chain Management has information for certified small, diverse or veteran-owned suppliers and/or suppliers interested in becoming a registered vendor.






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Explore Community Engaged Centers and Institutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of collaborations does Community Campus Connect support?
    There are so many ways UC Davis partners with communities across the region, state, and world! Community Campus Connect specializes in connecting faculty and their students to community-based projects (and vise versa). If your request falls outside of that scope, we encourage you to fill out the request form and we will point you in the right direction. 
  • How long does it take to get matched with a potential collaborator?
    We recommend submitting your request at least three months before your project/program starts. This will provide time to locate a match and collaboratively plan for the project/program if a match is made.
  • Our contact person has changed. How can we update this information? 
    You can update your information by emailing