Malaquias Montoya mural at the south entrance to the Student Community Center on February 21, 2020.

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Advancing the Public Good in a Changing World

At a time when our planet and its people face unprecedented challenges, UC Davis is reimagining the vital links that connect university, community and society. From mitigating environmental harms to creating more equitable pathways to health care, social justice and economic stability, there has never been a more critical need for scholarship and collaborations that build stronger, healthier, more resilient communities—locally, nationally and globally.

An Invitation 

Philanthropic support plays a vital role in advancing UC Davis research, education and collaborations that make the world a better place. 

We invite the partnership of university friends who share our vision of discovery, learning and engagement for the public good. 

Public Scholarship and Engagement—the first office of its kind in the University of California system—is UC Davis’ principal engine for driving and coordinating these pursuits. A model of university-led public impact, its creation reflects UC Davis’ deep commitment to fostering a culture of engagement that enriches everyday lives, strengthens communities and helps to shape sound public policy.

Now, we have a vision to deepen and expand this work as we reaffirm and refocus our mission to better serve our interdependent world. Together, we will forge mutually beneficial community partnerships and invest in the public impact of our faculty’s work, while engaging our students as active partners in these efforts—providing the experience and expertise that prepare them for leadership as tomorrow’s change agents.

The future health of our planet and the well-being of our communities depend on engaged scholarship that imagines a better world. Now is the time to seed the innovations and collaborations that will make this possible.

We envision a program that promotes learning that incorporates collaborative leadership, creative-problem solving, intercultural engagement, and global learning—all geared toward a civic purpose

Real World Impact: Engaged Scholarship and Service that Change our World

On any given day, UC Davis faculty, clinicians, staff and students are collaborating with communities near and far—changing the world through their expertise, passion and partnership.

a man taking off his glasses

A robotics engineer who designs human-machine interfaces that foster greater independence and well-being for people with paralysis and severe mobility issues. 

→ Meet Sanjay Joshi

a man wrangling a foal

A veterinarian whose work with newborn foals could transform how we diagnose and treat childhood autism.

→ Meet John Madigan

two women in a law library looking at computers

A law professor whose research in Rwanda inspired her to address unequal access to legal services in California’s rural communities.

→ Meet Lisa Pruitt

a man in a beanie smiling

A graduate student and Mellon Public Scholar who draws on his own experience to advocate for more just and equitable pathways for undocumented students.

→ Meet Roy "RJ" Taggueg

How Far Will Your Gift Go?

Public Scholarship and Engagement is instrumental to coordinating hundreds of efforts like these across UC Davis and facilitating scholarly work for maximum impact. Philanthropic support plays an equally vital role in expanding the reach of these endeavors locally and globally. 

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About UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement

Public Scholarship and Engagement (PSE) is building and supporting meaningful relationships between communities and UC Davis scholars that work together to solve today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges.

We envision a university unbound that seeks to serve the public, equitably and inclusively, resulting in reciprocal and mutual benefit to California’s communities and beyond.