Read Their Stories

At Public Scholarship and Engagement, we value sharing the authentic voices of those engaged in public scholarship.

This is why we work hard to publish and promote first-person blogs written by UC Davis-affiliated public scholars. These blogs, however, are the personal accounts and opinions of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Public Scholarship and Engagement or UC Davis. We feel it is important that these scholars can share their genuine experiences about public scholarship.


Completing Case Narratives

Criminal procedure scholar and Professor Irene Oritseweyinmi Joe hopes her public scholarship will help give defendants a place in the narratives of their own case decisions.

A Different Kind of Block Party

Block Party reimagines the architecture and urbanism of a section of Berkeley, California, through the perspectives of disability and housing justice. Created by a multidisciplinary team composed of disabled and non-disabled architects, artists, and authors, the project seeks to answer two important questions.

What’s in a Name

Associate Professor and 2022 Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellow Liza Grandia shares how her public scholarship efforts are inspiring the people of Guatemala to fight for their land and future.

Public Scholarship for Peace

Professor and Founding Director of Human Rights Studies at UC Davis Keith David Watenpaugh’s work in public scholarship has not only earned him national recognition, but also helped hundreds of displaced refugees throughout the world. 

Humanizing Displacement During a Pandemic

After a year-and-a-half of restrictions, Professor Robert Irwin and his team traveled to Tijuana to conduct their PIRI funded, community-engaged scholarship. The trip was invaluable and reaffirmed just how much this type of work is needed as this pandemic pervades.