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Leigh Ann Simmons, a professor and chair in the Department of Human Ecology. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

UC Davis Leads $3M Community-based Project in Yolo County Targeting Adverse Childhood Experiences

This article written by UC Davis Office of Research is being promoted as part of the Public Impact Research Initiative. Leigh Ann Simmons and Jennifer Phipps, Department Human Ecology, received grant funding for "Community Data Mapping and Dissemination: A collaboration between Resilient Yolo and the Perinatal Origins of Disparities Center."

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"Leigh Ann Simmons, a professor and chair in the Department of Human Ecology and co-director of the Perinatal Origins of Disparities (POD) Center, has received a $3 million award to build and strengthen community-based health and social supports systems in Yolo County to address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress.

ACEs can include experiences such as witnessing violence in the home or community, abuse or neglect. Research has shown that ACEs and toxic stress in childhood can have lifelong negative consequences on health and well-being. Some of the health consequences include higher rates of chronic disease, shorter life span, homelessness, unemployment and behavioral health problems.

'This award will enable Yolo County to build a truly responsive and integrated network of care,' said Simmons. 'It will move people seamlessly from screening for ACEs and other social determinants of health to receiving buffering supports and services designed to promote their well-being and build resilience.'"

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