four squares showing different pictures of students working
The four Quarter at Aggie Square Experiences are, clockwise from top left: Advancing Health Care Equity, Multilingual Education for California, Transformative Justice Studies in Sacramento and Biomedical Engineering at the Health Campus.

Immersive Experience: Quarter at Aggie Square

By Sharon Campbell Knox on February 18, 2020

"Quarter at Aggie Square has built out its first year’s curriculum, for fall-winter 2020-21, and is seeking additional proposals for future quarters at the university’s new innovation hub in Sacramento.

Leveraging its proximity to UC Davis Health, the state capital and community activists, this immersive, undergraduate program will address topics of societal concern from multidisciplinary perspectives. The first year’s topics, or 'Experiences,' are transformative justice, health care equity, multilingual education and 'bench-to-bedside' biomedical engineering.

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