Survey of California Filipinos Finds Health and Education Resources Lacking

UC Davis Researchers Building Comprehensive Filipino Database in COVID-19 Era

By Karen Nikos-Rose on June 5, 2020 

"When University of California, Davis, researchers began the process of collecting first-ever statewide health, wellness, demographics and other data on California Filipino populations a year ago, they had no idea that their survey would land in people’s homes during a shelter-in-place order resulting from an international pandemic.

But it worked out that way, and already the data is telling a powerful story, said Roy B. Taggueg, a doctoral student and principal researcher on the project conducted by the UC Davis Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies. Taggueg is a health policy research scholar supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  

The hundreds of Filipinos answering these surveys are telling researchers that 40 percent of homes have a health care worker living there. And more than 95 percent of the survey respondents said they had not been tested for the coronavirus yet. Nationwide, it has been reported that Filipinos are overrepresented among health care workers, and the California data show similar trends, researchers said."

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