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Welcome to the University of California, Davis Public Engagement Database

This database is designed to capture information about publicly engaged programs, opportunities, and people that align with our vision: UC Davis research, teaching, and learning that serves society and makes a positive difference in the world. 

What data do we collect?

We collect data related to programs, opportunities, and people, including but not limited to:

  • The UC Davis college/school/department leading the program
  • The type of program/opportunity (e.g. grant/award, sponsorship/partnership, course, etc.)
  • The focus of the program/opportunity (e.g. social justice, education, agriculture)
  • A brief description and related website
  • Location and contact information

You can get a better sense of all the information we collect by taking a look at the database. Please note, any personal contact information collected is for internal tracking and will be kept confidential. 

Why do we collect it?

  • Some of the information entered into the database will display in a portal that allows the public to browse and connect with these programs, opportunities, and people.
  • The information entered will also be used when UC Davis applies for renewal of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification, an elective designation that indicates institutional commitment to community engagement by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The Carnegie Community Engagement Classification requires data collection and documentation of important aspects of institutional mission, identity and commitments. The documentation is reviewed by a National Review Panel to determine whether the institution qualifies for recognition as a community engaged institution.

How do we collect it?

We encourage you to contribute to the University of California Public Engagement Database by sharing your personal or programmatic information. To access this database, you must be affiliated with the University of California, Davis and enter your user credentials with your Kerberos ID and Kerberos passphrase. Our how to guide gives you a step by step overview of how to:

  • Add a program/opportunity
  • Add a personal profile

Is there anything else I should know?

  • We have included a definition page to explain the different terms and fields used within the database.
  • There may be some program/opportunity types or categories that overlap or are difficult to differentiate; please use your best judgment.
  • You will be prompted to review and update any data entered annually.
  • Our database evolves and improves based on user feedback, which we encourage you to provide through our webform.

Add a program/opportunity